Starting in December 2015, we have switched dues notification from written mailings to electronic notification (via email). As such, it is important that your current email address is on file with our Secretary, Ann Taylor. If you do not own your Graysdale residence and the property owner pays the dues, please notify the owner with a request to ensure that the owner’s email address is on file.

Dues continue to be $50, due December 15 of each year. Per the GHA bylaws, a late fee of $25 is assessed if dues are not paid by after 30 days, with additional penalties such as loss of HOA membership and voting privileges assessed after 60 days. You will receive several email reminders about the dues. The email is done via a mass mailing list, so if you've already paid, you may safely ignore these emails.

Wondering where your dues go? We primarily use these dues to pay for lawn care on the many common areas in our community that are not covered by Patton Township. Those are the bulk of the expenses, but we also have to keep the lights on our Graysdale sign on and in working order, keep our webpage up and running, and we sponsor several HOA activities each year, including garage sales and our annual picnic.

Payment Options

In addition to traditional checks and bill pay services, we are excited to offer you the ability to pay electronically via PayPal through the link below! You may also feel free to write a check and mail it or drop it off to our Treasurer, Steve Ryder.

Make checks payable to Graysdale HOA and be sure to put your address on the memo area of your check if it's not in the address block of the check.


If you have any questions, please email our Treasurer at