There are covenants that pertain to each of the three phases within the Graysdale community.

Phase I Covenants
Pinewood and Ashwood
Phase II Covenants
Whitepine, Thorndale, Cherrywood, and Doubletree
Phase IIB Covenants
Pin Oak, White Birch, Red Alder, and Forest Glen
Fence Guidelines (2013)
For All Phases (this is an update from the guidelines set in place in 2008)
Shed Guidelines - over 42 sq. ft.
For All Phases
Shed Guidelines - 42 sq. ft. and under
For all Phases
Pool and Landscaping Guidelines
For All Phases
Satellite Dish and Antenna Guidelines
For All Phases

Resale Certificates
This document includes an overview of the process for handling Graysdale Covenant violations